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Organizes and 텐프로알바 coordinates special fund raising and advertising events for listeners and members of the station. Undertakes major administrative duties, in addition to helping plan and produce radio shows, both live and/or taped, that can include news, music, talk, sports, traffic, and special programming. The Moug & Angie Morning Show Producers role is to assist with creating and developing show content, and managing the production process of both live and taped radio programs.

Most often, the Announcer works in Radio, Television Production, Filmmaking, and Television Studios. Announcers are usually very familiar with radio and television audiences, and can do publicity appearances as well as doing radio broadcasts remotely for their stations. Radio and TV announcers provide a variety of information and entertainment for their audiences, such as music, news, sports, current events, weather, weather updates, traffic, and advertisements. At many radio stations, the announcers do most of the work that was formerly done by editors and broadcast technicians, such as operating a control desk that is used to air programs, advertisements, and public-service announcements according to a stations programming.

Announcers at smaller stations may operate the control board, monitor the transmitter, sell commercial time to advertisers, maintain the daily schedule log for small stations, and produce advertisements and other recorded materials. If there is a single person who can lay claim to responsibility for a whole radio station, it is the programming director. He works independently in coming up with, proposing, scheduling, and researching ideas for programs and segments, taking assignments from executive producers. The Lead Editor works collaboratively with the rest of the team, managing the process for creating stories across platforms, including digital and audio.

This individual will oversee day-to-day operations for digital content production staff. The executive assistant will work closely with colleagues throughout the station, from all backgrounds and skills. This position is eligible for flexible working arrangements, including teleworking up to two days per week. This position will be filled on an as-needed basis for weekend and evening shifts, however applicants must be flexible to take additional fill-in shifts as needed during different times of the week.

A full-time staff member is any paid person working at least the hours each week that make up a regular week at their facility or station. If the employees duties are related to more than one job, then report his full pay for the job title that best describes most of that persons duties. Major program decisions involve decisions regarding programming acquisition and production, programming development, programming on-air scheduling, etc. This line item should cause a double-count for certain employees who are on the permanent payroll; employees who are responsible for making major programming decisions should be included in the calculation for this line item, again, according to the job category, under “Permanent Employees”. Full-time officers (1,000) Corporate officers or station management positions include chairman, vice chairman, general manager, station managers, and other station executives responsible for leading the main areas of operations.

Prefer 3 years of experience minimum in local TV stations news bureau. Qualified candidates should be creative, hardworking, a great storyteller, a spokesperson for the station, and a team player.

Equal opportunity employer — female/minority/veteran/disability/sexual orientation/gender identity. ABC7 has several internship opportunities available year-round for current college students who are seeking careers in television/radio news and other related fields. Our internship programs are designed to give students a learning experience to supplement their academic studies, while also providing the opportunity to observe and participate in ABC7s day-to-day operations and operations. All of our Newsroom Internships are paid, with a spring one being a part-time position to fit around current academic commitments, while summer opportunities are designed for full-time commitments.

Experience working for college or high school radio or television stations is highly valued. Long-term, hands-on training may occur in on-campus radio or TV facilities as well as at commercial stations, with students acting as trainees. Video production and editing skills to support station content, programs, and programming.

Working in coordination with Digital Staff to ensure that digital products for Texas Public Radio are updated weekday mornings. Creates a multi-station, multi-media, and events sales strategy to support the TPR Strategic Plan.

This job description is not intended to constitute, implied or otherwise, an employment agreement, and Texas Public Radio continues to maintain its status as an at-will employer. In addition, 20% of the work functions will support the Texas Student Media (TSM) director and teams, who manage business operations for The Daily Texan, KVRX, Texas Student Television, and other student media. A common area is provided to assist co-licensing entities to accurately report which of their employees are working on both media, splitting time between radio and television. The broadcast engineer also will help provide technical support and maintain the Texas Public Radio studio systems used throughout the organization, and will help oversee construction operations in our main facilities.

Once hired at the station, an employee typically begins as a production assistant, researcher, or newscaster, with a possibility to advance to play-by-play should they demonstrate a knack for the broadcasting job. The best opportunity for a less experienced announcer to land a job in on-air broadcasting might be to fill in as an occasional announcer at a smaller station. The radio and television newsdays are very long, with many radio stations being on the air 24/7, so an announcer may have to work unusual hours.

Must be able to represent ABC7 in community events, excel under deadline pressures, and deliver content in a timely fashion with confidence. In other words, a programming director has to take ratings and audience into account, strive to develop a loyal following, and chase his own view of a stations values, aesthetics, politics, or brand – all while trying to produce a final product that feels cohesive. They will make sure that digital properties are engaging, updated on time, and effective, all while working in harmony and in support of Bonneville Internationals traditional media properties.