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MSG Entertainment is always looking for rockstar talent to help build outstanding experiences for our guests. Benefits at MSG Entertainment vary depending on the status, location, and/or terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement. Some production accountants consult with clients about contracts in the movie industry. To be a production accountant, you will need an associates or bachelors degree in basic accounting, as well as specialized entertainment industry internships.

One needs a Bachelors degree or masters degree — depending on the employer — in TV & Film, Communications, or Journalism, as well as a substantial amount of entertainment experience. In addition to having a bachelors degree in music, business, communications, or marketing; the A&R Coordinator must have an active involvement with the music industry. Book agents do not have to meet any formal education requirements before starting their job, however, having a music business degree, along with attending seminars or workshops about booking entertainment, would be a plus.

While some are full-time dialect coaches, others are actors and actresses who have taken on the role of dialect coach as part-time work. Actors do this for both entertainment and informative purposes, and they may perform on TV, film, commercials, theme parks, and theater. Agents and managers, which represent actors and entertainers and help them to get jobs or bookings, and booking agencies, which arrange acting engagements for theater groups and entertainers, are also included in this sector.

Television stage managers are mostly studio-based, but can involve occasional off-air work depending on production. Account manager, activation works across a global entertainment organization providing strategic and creative marketing campaigns via consumer engagement and product demos at live events and social/digital platforms, representing Feld Entertainment properties and partner brands.

Jobs in arts, entertainment, and recreation are more likely to be part-time compared with other industries. Earnings are relatively lower in arts, entertainment, and recreation, reflecting a high share of part-time and seasonal jobs. The sector is characterized by large numbers of seasonal and part-time jobs, and workers that are younger than average in all industries.

The Employment Outlook of the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Industry About this section][Above The rising incomes, leisure time, and the recognition of physical health benefits of exercise will all boost the demand for arts, entertainment, and recreation services. Wage and salary employment for arts, entertainment, and recreation is expected to grow by approximately 15% during the 2008-18 period, compared to 11% for all industries combined.

While that may sound like bad news, it is not, because it has opened more jobs in entertainment for people focused on careers. Opportunities are expected to open up for younger, seasonal, part-time, less-skilled workers, but intense competition for jobs like performing artists and professional athletes will still exist. I found an open position in just days using FlexJobs, and was hired in a week or two.