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Fast food bj 구인구직 jobs descriptions These positions at restaurants are found in quick service restaurants only. General Restaurant Employees From fast food restaurants to five-star restaurants, these restaurant positions will be found at most establishments. Fast Casual & Casual Dining Job There are certain restaurant staff positions specifically suited to diners who are not exactly fast food, but also are not following the standards of a fine restaurant.

Fine Dining Restaurant Jobs Fine dining restaurants typically need dedicated employees who have years of experience and training in order to provide customers the best experience. Casual vs. Fine Dining Employees The higher the level a restaurant rises, the more positions within a restaurant must be filled in order to ensure guests receive top-notch experiences.

Hiring top-notch employees will ensure your restaurant runs smoothly and guests are satisfied. Ensure that the job is done in a safe, timely, and high-quality manner, in accordance with guidelines.

For example, the employer might negotiate for a four-day week, where employees work 10 hours per day. Another example is an employer where employees work nine days of 8.75 hours over the course of two weeks. After working eight hours for one day, an employee is entitled to one-and-a-half hours for each subsequent four hours worked, as well as double the hourly rate for any hours worked over 12.

If the employee works in that time, the employer is required to pay him or her one-and-a-half times his or her normal rate for each hour worked. In a week that has a legal holiday, the employee, if eligible, should receive overtime on the week, plus one-and-a-half hours beyond 32 hours, and twice as much for hours beyond 40. Overtime wages, as required in collective agreements, must be paid when the employee works over eight hours on average a day, or 40 hours per week, during a shift cycle.

Employees should receive 24-hour advance notice when shifts are changed, except if an employee is paid overtime for time worked, or if a shift is extended prior to its completion. Flexible work schedules are scheduled where an employee can work over eight hours in any given day or 40 hours in any given week without being paid overtime. After working 40 hours in a week, employees are to be paid one-and-a-half times for the next eight hours, and twice as much for hours over 48.

Larger restaurants can hire one cashier full-time, whereas smaller ones employ part-time employees, or split the jobs as a hostess/cashier/server. The primary parts of the job description for restaurant cashiers are promoting services, processing transactions, and checking sales for a shift at the end of each day or shift. Because some restaurants run 24/7, a cashier must close out a register at the end of their shift, a process which involves counting the cash and entering the total in an accounting system.

In restaurants not operating 24 hours, a preparer must also establish various work stations and service customers arriving early. Ability to drive to assigned restaurant locations and manage their associated work stations.

Responsible for the restaurants performance levels at job positions assigned by senior management. Excellent verbal communication skills for effective interaction with management, company personnel, restaurant employees, and customers.

Shift Managers Apply Now Del Taco needs individuals who can manage a multitude of responsibilities while providing quality, customer-driven service, which defines Del Taco. Our general managers build a culture at our restaurants that is exciting, upbeat, and fulfilling. The overall success of the Del Taco restaurants, and the basis for our culture, is dependent on having excellent managers running excellent restaurants. Del Taco is a private corporation operating, or franchises, 500 Mexican fast-casual restaurants across the U.S.

The concept features fresh ingredients, made-to-order food, unique Mexican dishes, breakfast, and an American menu including Double Del Cheeseburgers, milkshakes, the world-famous crispy potato chips, and 24-hour drive-thru locations. For the most part, you can count on Waffle House, IHOP, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and QuickTrip Jack in the Box to stay open 24/7, with a quick bite you can enjoy at any hour of the day. Fast-food locations within malls and some malls, for instance, cannot open and remain open 24 hours a day when the building does not open for business during the hours of operation.

Assistant managers help managers with training duties, help schedule, supervise employees, and cover when a manager has a day off. General managers are responsible for hiring applicants, laying off employees, training new employees, supervising overall restaurant operations, and working on marketing and community outreach strategies. Short-order cooks should be able to work fast and efficiently, as well as cook multiple orders simultaneously.